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Roof Repair

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Roof Repair

Perhaps there’s a leak coming from your ceiling, or maybe you’ve noticed some of your shingles starting to have a warped appearance; it’s become clear that you need roof repair. Roof damage can be caused by many things, including an external strike like a fallen tree, improper installation, or severe wind. Aside from the cost to repair the roof itself, untreated roof damage can cause water damage, mold (both visible and hidden), animal infestation, and a massive increase in utility bills. Catching roof damage early and being proactive in addressing it can result in thousands of dollars saved in paying for a simple roof repair rather than an entirely new roof.

Our roofing technicians are trained and licensed to perform repairs on all types of roofs, including:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal
  • Clay, concrete and slate tiles
  • Flat roof – EPDM, modified Bitumen

Our licensed roof repair teams have worked extensively in South Florida, and accordingly are prepared to identify and address the unique issues our roofs in our geography face. With your quote, your CRS estimator will provide full transparency into the specific services or treatments your roof requires, as well as the cost of each.

Why Choose Us

Construction Roofing Services' experienced technicians have more than 15 years' experience inspecting, installing, repairing and coating commercial and residential roofs throughout South Florida. We understand that your home or business is vulnerable when your roof is damaged. That's why we're committed to providing fast, courteous and free inspections and quotes, and even emergency repair services after a storm.

  • Licensed to install all types of roofs and materials
  • Free onsite inspections and quotes
  • Options to fit every budget
  • Most roofs completed in one day
  • All work meets or exceeds Florida Building Code
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty
  • Customer satisfaction is priority #1

Common Questions

DIY repair is not recommended for roofs. Roofing systems are complex, so roof damage should be evaluated and repaired by a professional. Our roofing technicians go through a certification process with material manufacturers so that they may provide extended warranty services. Roof work that is completed by those without proper certification may void the warranty of the roof.

The cost to repair a roof varies greatly, with many different factors weighing in. The pitch of the roof, roofing material, and depth of the affected area will all factor in to the total cost of your roof repair. Contact our roof repair technicians for a quote on your roof.

Whether damage to your roof warrants replacement over repair depends on the severity of the damage to your roof, as well as the age and condition of your roof. Our roof technicians can provide estimates for both options, along with their best recommendation. Learn more about our new roof installation services here.

Our Process

Same-Day Onsite Consultation - Every roof project begins with a free onsite inspection and quote. Call us at 954-775-0709 to schedule your consultation. For emergency repairs after a storm, we will be out the same day and if work cannot be completed that day, we will tarp the damaged roof to protect your property against the elements.

Free Inspection & Quote - Your CRS estimator will conduct a thorough inspection and discuss your budget and expectations. For new and replacement roofs, he will show you material samples and discuss the maintenance and energy efficiency of each. Finally, you will receive a written quote to approve the work.

Clear Expectations & Schedule - Your CRS estimator will coordinate the schedule for the work. For new roof installation, you do not need to be present. For certain roof leaks and repairs, our technicians may need to access your attic. Your estimator will clearly explain the process and requirements, and schedule a time that works with you.