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Roof Coating

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Roof Coating

Roof coating is a liquid layer that is applied via brush, roller, or spray to your roof’s surface. The flexible coating works by absorbing some of the damage to your roof – from heat a sun, rain and water pooling, wind and impact – thereby extending the life of your roof.

There are many different types of roof coatings. Some are specific to parts of your roof – like around flashing. And some are applied across the entire surface of your roof. You can choose to have roof coating applied during the installation process; or, it can sometimes be used to extend the life of an already-aging roof. Your roof inspector will be able to tell you if the latter is an option based on the condition of your roof.

Roof coating has many benefits, including:

  • Waterproofing - Certain brands promise complete year round waterproofing against rain and pooling.
  • Energy Savings - Roof coating, especially if it is white, will reflect UV rays and protect your roof materials while also lowering energy costs as attic temperatures are lower.
  • Fire Resistance - Certain types of roof coating are fire resistant.
  • Durability - A high-end roof coating, when applied correctly, can extend the life of your roof by 10 years or more.

Our technicians are licensed and trained to install all types of roof coatings, including:

  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane
  • Acrylic
  • Bitumen
  • EPDM
  • And more

Your CRS estimator will help you understand the difference and select the best material for your roof and budget.

Why Choose Us

Construction Roofing Services' experienced technicians have more than 15 years' experience inspecting, installing, repairing and coating commercial and residential roofs throughout South Florida. We understand that your home or business is vulnerable when your roof is damaged. That's why we're committed to providing fast, courteous and free inspections and quotes, and even emergency repair services after a storm.

  • Licensed to install all types of roofs and materials
  • Free onsite inspections and quotes
  • Options to fit every budget
  • Most roofs completed in one day
  • All work meets or exceeds Florida Building Code
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty
  • Customer satisfaction is priority #1

Common Questions

Roof coating is not an alternative to roof replacement. However, if you apply roof coating to an aging roof that has not begun to show major signs of disrepair, it can help to extend the life of the roof. Your roof inspector will be able to tell you whether roof coating is a viable option to give you a few extra years.

It depends entirely on the material. For example, polyurethane is an extremely durable and long-lasting roof coating that has exceptional insulating properties, and when combined with silicone is waterproof. Acrylic is the cheapest and most common roof coating, but it lasts the shortest amount of time. In general, a good roof coating can extend the life of your roof by 10 years or more.

Take a drive through your town and neighborhoods and look up! Roof coating is more common than ever as people begin to realize the benefits and long-term cost-savings. Particularly in South Florida, "white" roofs are common place - so no, it won't make your roof ugly!

Our Process

Same-Day Onsite Consultation - Every roof project begins with a free onsite inspection and quote. Call us at 954-775-0709 to schedule your consultation. For emergency repairs after a storm, we will be out the same day and if work cannot be completed that day, we will tarp the damaged roof to protect your property against the elements.

Free Inspection & Quote - Your CRS estimator will conduct a thorough inspection and discuss your budget and expectations. For new and replacement roofs, he will show you material samples and discuss the maintenance and energy efficiency of each. Finally, you will receive a written quote to approve the work.

Clear Expectations & Schedule - Your CRS estimator will coordinate the schedule for the work. For new roof installation, you do not need to be present. For certain roof leaks and repairs, our technicians may need to access your attic. Your estimator will clearly explain the process and requirements, and schedule a time that works with you.